Why Lulla Classes

The most precious gift a PARENT can give their child apart from their Love and Quality TIME is GOOD QUALITY EDUCATION. Education that will help the child not only get good grades in school but also ensure a sound future and a stable career. An Education that will be for Life and not merely for a Living.

Every Parent knows the importance and value of preparation for Competitive exams and Board Exams and its impact on our child’s career decision. Then why risk their Career by sending them to some average coaching class?

Visit our Centres of Excellence to gain insight into our working and system. Admission Information Brochure may be collected from our Centre or downloaded from our website.

LULLA CLASSES is a professionally managed yet very personalised Centre of Learning. It is driven by the Passion of Dev Lulla Sir Sapna Lulla Mam and their team of Educators. This is what makes Learning at Lulla Classes a joyful experience.

Gift your child the opportunity to explore the GENIUS within!

Here are some other reasons why Lulla Classes is the Best Choice for your child.
1. Under One Roof:
Lulla Classes provides a host of academic courses under one roof. From preparations for competitive exams to School Level and Board Level Exams we cater to all that a parent wants his child to excel at.
2. Vadodara’s Very Own:
Lulla Classes is Vadodara’s very own centre of Excellence. Thousands of Successful Doctors , Engineers, Scientists, Chartered Accountants, Lawyers, Businessmen, have studied here. Lulla Classes is at the very core of Vadodara’s Education System.
3. Study Atmosphere:
At Lulla Classes Students are taught to love learning, not to fear or hate Exams. We have a very conducive Leaning Environment.
4. Student Centric Learning System:
We at Lulla Classes Focus on the Childs Learning needs and Ability, and gradually take the student from his current level of Understanding to the Desired Level of Excellence.
5. Audio Visual Learning:
We provide a host of Audio Visual Learning sessions to help a student grasp concepts better.
6. Continuous Evaluation System:
A carefully designed Continuous evaluation system helps students prepare systematically for weekly tests with ease.
7. Doubt Solving Sessions:
The One on One Doubt Solving Sessions are a regular feature at our Institute, helping students who have either missed a class or need a booster to stay updated with the curriculum.