Triumph NCERT: A 2-year course for students of Std 9th.


Triumph NCERT: A 2-year course for students of Std 9th.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous body set up for guiding and assisting the government regarding the policies in education. The organization was set up by the Government of India in the year 1961. NCERT is responsible to publish good quality books for the upliftment of the education system in the country.  

The aim of establishing this body was to keep a standardized format of education throughout the country. Students used to face problems when they were moving from one state to another because the courses, syllabus, and books differed. NCERT publishes books that can be read by every student from every state. It brings balance to the education system of the country. Mostly, CBSE schools prefer NCERT books. NCERT books follow the curriculum of CBSE schools.

Studying NCERT books is essential because it will be helpful when you give competitive exams after boards. CBSE schools have accepted NCERT books and prepare the question paper from NCERT books only. Sometimes learning from school is not enough, it has to be backed by practice and hard work outside school. Lulla classes understand this and hence, provide NCERT coaching for students from class 6 to 10. It also has a 2 years NCERT course for class 9 students. 

Benefits of studying NCERT books:

  • NCERT books are written by experts in an easy and simple language. It gives students in-depth knowledge and genuine information on different topics.
  • If NCERT books are studied thoroughly, it will clear the doubts of the most complex of topics.
  • NCERT books follow the curriculum of CBSE strictly. These books form the base of competitive exams after boards like JEE.  
  • NCERT books are not designed to mug up things. They are designed in a way that clears the concepts of each and every topic in simple language. 
  • NCERT covers all the essential fundamentals and basics on all the topics. 
  • CBSE exams are conducted on the basis of NCERT books. The question paper is prepared from these books. But one needs to understand that questions will be twisted and so mugging up concepts doesn't work here. 
  • The practice is the key to success. Without practice, students will not be prepared properly. At the end of every chapter in NCERT, there are many practice questions which the students can practice. 


There are various other benefits of studying NCERT books. The quality and standard of NCERT books are well known. The clarity of concepts and practice questions in the NCERT books makes it an important companion in the journey of education. 

It is suggested to attend NCERT coaching because the classes at schools might just not be enough for concept clarity and solving problems. For more and more practice it is advisable to join coaching classes. Dev Lulla Sir’s Lulla Classes is providing NCERT coaching for class 9 and 10. It is time for students to triumph the NCERT, it is a 2 years course that will enable students to score better in boards and also help in competitive exams after boards.  

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