Tips To Get Better In Chemistry

Tips To Get Better In Chemistry-Lulla Classes

Tips To Get Better In Chemistry

Chemistry is a discipline belonging to the science branch which includes the study of components and elements composed of atoms, molecules, ions and their compositions, structure, behavior, and changes that takes place while reacting with other substances. It is the study of matter. Chemistry is considered to be the central science because it connects physics with other natural sciences.

Chemistry is taught in schools till class 10 at the foundation level. After SSC, Chemistry is not a compulsory subject. But if you opt for Science stream in 10+2 level then you have to study chemistry whether its PCB, PCM or PCMB, chemistry is the common subject. For many students, chemistry is a complex subject and it is harder than other subjects. Also, students mainly focus on core subjects like mathematics and biology, and physics as well.

Some students love chemistry but are not able to perform well because of lack of proper practice and guidance. Chemistry is a subject that can help you improve your overall score in the mark sheet. Chemistry needs patience, you cannot do well instantly. You should be willing to give time to chemistry, practice for a certain amount of time in a day. If you approach chemistry the right way, your half of the problem is solved.

At Lulla Classes our objective is simple: focus on the basics getting them right is the key to success in the short as well as the long term. We encourage our students to ask questions, show them practical applications so that they have a more clear understanding of the concepts and by offering personal attention to students, our teachers are more equipped to guide them.

There are a few tips, which will help you get better in chemistry. The tips are as follows:

Practice as much as possible

Practising problems can improve your chemistry skills. Practice as much as you can, allot time for practice and solve different types of problems, read theory at the same time. The theory will help you clear your concepts and you will have an idea about what you are doing and why. During examinations, the problems will not be the same as you are practising, so you need to understand the steps and be able to explain the steps you are doing. This will give you more understanding of the problems you are solving.

Read the topic before being taught in class

The topic that is going to be studied in the class should be read once before the class. Many students go to class directly without having any idea about the topic and then go home and practice what was taught in the classroom. This might still leave you in confusion because the clarity was not there when it was being taught. If you read the topic once before the class, you will have some idea of what is going on and what the teacher is talking about.

Chemistry Labs

What is the use of knowledge if you do not use it? Chemistry labs are important because here you can test your skills. You should be able to apply your theory concepts here. The explanation of your solved problems, step by step, will be useful here. On hand experience is very important and to improve chemistry attending labs is of utmost importance.

Attending the class and being attentive

Many students do not attend class and complain that chemistry is a tough subject. But to learn chemistry you at least have to attend class regularly. Not just attending the class but you have to be attentive in the class to grasp the knowledge provided by the teacher. You have to make notes during the class what the teacher is saying, what s/he is teaching. Later at home, you have to revise what is being taught in the class and do your practice accordingly.

Study groups

If you have study groups then the learning can be a fun interactive session and you might also get to learn a lot. Study groups are a great way of exchanging ideas, getting insights, getting over difficult concepts, etc. A study group is beneficial to all because if someone is absent or is not able to understand a particular concept then others can help him/her in clearing the concept. They can share notes, study together and prepare in an organized way.

Study smartly

There is no point in studying chemistry for straight 10 hours without looking up if you are not concentrating on it and just mugging things up. You should be studying efficiently. You have to come up with a strategy that should include your other subjects as well. You should give more time to topics that are tough for you. You have to also take a look at the weightage of marks that a particular topic carries and study accordingly, giving more time to the one that carries more weight. You should not focus on your marks but focus on learning chemistry first.

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Chemistry is a challenging subject but with these tips and some real hard work you will be able to overcome this challenging subject. In this digital age, there are lots of ways of learning chemistry and there are always tutors or professors whom you can ask if you have any doubts. Students shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions to teachers. At Dev Lulla Sir’s Lulla Classes, we ensure that students follow this tips. We clear all concepts of chemistry and guide students to success. You have to give it all you got and keep trying. Sooner or later, you will succeed.

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