The Purpose Of Education Is The Holistic Development Of A Child

The Purpose Of Education Is The Holistic Development Of A Child-Lulla Classes

The Purpose Of Education Is The Holistic Development Of A Child

The process of learning begins from the time a child is in the mother's womb. From the day we are born, we are learning something or the other. Children are quick learners and they are more expressive than adults, so they will instantly question something if it doesn't make sense to them. Parents or family are the first and foremost teachers for a child. A child’s development and education in the responsibility of the parents. Parents have to educate the child and look after the overall development of the child.

The time when the child is a little grown up, the responsibility of parents is shared with teachers, relatives, friends, and peer groups. The importance of people other than parents in a child’s early education period is a lot more than ever thought of. These people play a significant role in the development of a child. Although the role of parents cannot be neglected and they remain constant throughout the process of education.

At school, children tend to learn different things, they meet other fellow mates who belong to other parts of society with different mindsets and behavior. This is where the children learn the workings of life. Children are exposed to different settings from which they gain immensely important knowledge. All these things add up to the development of a child.

A school or a coaching class has a lot of roles and duties to perform in the holistic development of a child. They help children to clear their concepts and prepare students for further studies. They help children to recognize their skill set and understand themselves better. The role of educational institutions is not just about filling the minds of children with knowledge but to enable them as human beings to cater to the needs of the world.

The role of education is undebatable in anyone’s life. The importance of education in a child’s development is discussed below:

  • Education opens up doors of the brain of a child. A child will explore new fields of study such as literature, politics, science, maths, etc, and it will lead to the overall development of a child’s mind.
  • Education makes the children aware about various fields and connects bookish knowledge to the real world.
  • Due to education, children get to know people other than family and relatives.
  • A child will get to know different viewpoints and raise questions about the same.
  • A child develops emotions such as friendship, empathy, participation, caring and helping attitude during the process of learning.
  • The present educational scenario is no more traditional. A child is free to develop in its own ways. They develop a mind of their own and the current education curriculum supports that idea.
  • It is known to all that education or learning process develops one’s personality and brings out the best in an individual.

Children are the future guardians of humankind. Education enables children to develop skills that are essential in daily life. The society will be benefited if the children are developed well. In the future, they are going to be responsible for the economic, social, and political development of society. The development of a child and society, in general, depends on the education given to children today.

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