CBSE to standardise admissions in affiliated schools for class IX, XI from 2020


CBSE to standardise admissions in affiliated schools for class IX, XI from 2020

Central Board of Secondary Education has decided to monitor the admissions to class IX and XI of all its affiliated schools through Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). The move is initiated by CBSE in order to give admissions to genuine candidates only. The new admission process will be in force from next year, 2020.

Until now admissions were granted by the CBSE schools based on their own rules and regulations. The SOPs will be mandatory for all CBSE affiliated schools and no school will be granted admissions on their own. CBSE has made it clear that it is going to be strict for those who do not follow the instructions and guidelines of SOPs.

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

The SOPs are formulated for promoting genuine candidature and restricting faulty applications. For admissions to classes XI and XI SOPs will be followed strictly. For admission to these classes, CBSE has defined 11 categories. Some of the categories are mentioned below:  

  • Transfer of parents
  • Shifting of family
  • Shifting to hostel
  • Readmission in other schools after failing in class 9 and 12
  • For better education
  • Due to distance concerns
  • Due to a medical condition
  • To change the education board

Under these categories, the Board has also put some conditions to get admissions in these classes. The board has mentioned that to get admission in class IX and XI in any CBSE affiliated schools, students' parents will have to submit an application form along with the results of the last five years of the current and previous schools. The parent also has to submit the qualifications and experience of the teaching staff of the current and previous schools.   

Thoughts of Schools and CBSE on the matter

The schools have come out criticizing the new admission policy. The school teachers and principals have not liked the idea of board intervening in the admission process of the school. The board asking for qualifications and skills of teaching staff is also criticized by the schools. Principal and teachers believe that the results of previous years and evaluating the teachers is not the right parameter to grant admissions.

Whereas CBSE has made it clear that they are going forward with this new process. The new admission process will help to give admission to the right candidate. CBSE believes that this procedure is well structured and organized for admissions. This will have a positive impact on the education system. It will also improve the quality of education and better results will be achieved in board examinations.

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