About US

About Us

Lulla Classes is Vadodara’s very own Coaching Institute serving the student community since the last FIVE decades. Lulla Classes helps students of CBSE / GSEB / ICSE from Standard 6 to 12 achieve Academic Excellence in all core subjects. Apart from preparation of JEE / NEET and Foundation Programs, we excel at developing talent of budding Scientists, Philosophers, Doctors, Lawyers, Entrepreneurs alike. Some of Vadodara’s most Famous personalities have been nurtured at Lulla Classes. We have been consistently providing an excellent platform for the preparation of careers through competitive exams and board level education.

Mission Statement

Lulla Classes is an Ideal training Centre committed to highest Standards of Academic Excellence and Human Values; It is a place where students are encouraged to Study, Learn and Excel with Dedication, Devotion, Discipline and Determination. We train children to take on the challenges of Tomorrow. Our Aim is to create Winners! Our Goal is to produce Star Performers!

We at Lulla Classes follow the Vision and Concept of Educare! Educare aims to build character through Human Values. We Endeavour not only to inform but also to Reform and Transform the child.

Dev Lulla

DevLullaAn energetic and dynamic educator, who pioneers this modern temple of learning, Dev Lulla attempts to promote education in its true perspective.

Having mentored thousands of student scholars from Std. 6th to Std. 12th, many of who are now across the globe, this stalwart in education possesses all the noteworthy state-of-the-art mechanisms to achieve his goal.

Having already carved a niche in the field of academics correlating to the sphere of learning and its enhancement, Dev Lulla enjoys the honour of upholding the tradition of Teaching and guiding several teenagers taking the legacy of the ‘Lulla Family’ to a new level.

He proudly proclaims, “Spreading the light of education has been the family tradition”- a family of educationists stretching back to the Pre Independance Era !

Having spearheaded the idea of tutorials, it is a heartfelt wish of Dev Lulla to be instrumental in not merely enabling students to ‘earn a living’ but also equip them with all the necessary skills that assist them in acquiring the required good traits, further enabling them to lead ideal lives.

He strongly believes that “Education is for Life and not merely for a Living” Making a difference in their lives by promoting in them ethical, moral and spiritual strength, shall certainly bring the satisfaction of having met the goal he bears in mind.

Sapna Lulla

An enthusiastic, articulate and energetic educator, who co directs the institutes academic activities with Mr. Dev Lulla. Sapna Lulla has been an ardent promoter of the English Language to school going students since the last 15 years.

Having completed her education from Pune and New Delhi, she found it important to coach and mentor students in English Language, taking the experience of learning English to a whole new level.

Many enthusiastic student scholars from Std. 6th to Std. 12th, have taken benefit of Sapna Madam’s unique power of expression in English. Many successful Students who are now across the globe, commend this stalwart in imparting the finesse of the Language.

Sapna Lulla also empowers the Institute and helps to uphold the torch of knowledge, to the highest level A proud member of the Academically known ‘Lulla Family’ she spares no effort in extending coaching and guiding several teenagers today.

Dr. B P Lulla

M.A., M.Com, Med. Education Specialist (US), Ph.D. (US), currently the Head of Dept of Special Education – which concerns the training of teachers for Mentally Challenged Children, under the Scheme of Rehabilitation Council of India – Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Govt. of India.

Positions held :

  • Chairman Council of Teacher Education. CTE Gujarat Chapter.
  • Trustee: Sindhu Vidya Mandal Trust Vadodara.
  • Founder: Asha Special Education Centre Vadodara.
  • Prior to this, he was the Director of Distance Education Bombay University, and is known even today to have been the change agent for the metamorphosis of Distance Education in Mumbai University. Principal of Bombay Teachers’ Training College a leading College in Mumbai for Teacher training Programs, during which he was Awarded the BEST TEACHER AWARD by the Governor of Mumbai. Member of the Academic Council of the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning ( Sri Sathya Sai University - Prashanti Nilayam).

Dr. B P Lulla was the Vice Chancellors’ Nominee for SNDT University Bombay; he has produced over 40 PhD Students who have specialized in different Problems of Education, and has published more than 50 Papers and research articles in the field of Education.

To add yet another feather to his cap, he is known to have authored more than a dozen books on Education having pioneered the concept of Value Based Education in Schools and Colleges of Mumbai, whose name and details feature in the book - Men of Education in India- ( the WHO IS WHO of education - Premiere Publishers - page 152).


M.A. (History), M.A. (Political Science), M.Ed (School Administration)

Ex Principal of R.K. Academy School, Colaba Bombay. English and Social Science teacher to the Higher Secondary School Students.

Currently working selflessly even today teaching moral values to small children through the Bal Vikas Program of the Sri Sathya Sai Samithi Vadodara, had been a convener for the Colaba Unit of Sri Sathya Sai Samithi Bombay.