Students Speak

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Aniket Chaterjee Std 10 CBSE

I joined lulla classes when I was in class 8. From my very first day in lulla classes, I found the teachers very interactive .There were various number of tests conducted and it helped me a lot to analyze my mistakes, and whenever I went to the teachers for doubt clearance or any other suggestions, they were only happy to clear the doubts and were really very helpful to me.

There is loads to say about my teachers in lulla classes. They were always helpful, sincere and keen to give us the best. They motivated and guided me throughout my preparation for my class 10th examinations. I thank my parents and my teachers of lulla classes, who constantly supported me, for my success in class 10th examinations.

Aniket Chaterjee Delhi Public School Std 10 CBSE 02/04/2011

Aditya Pagar Std 10 GSEB

Excellence really becomes a habit here: Studying a Lulla Classes is an experience in itself. The atmosphere at the class is very conducive for study. Excellence really becomes a habit here. I am thankful to lulla classes for making my knowledge base rock solid!

Aditya Pagar Student : Std 10 GSEB Lulla Classes : Std 10 MSES Batch 17/04/2013

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Manal Upadhyay Std 10 GSEB

I enjoyed being a part of Lulla classes because frankly speaking teaching of teachers is the best especially Dev Sir’s Maths. After studying here the school papers look easy and I did not have to prepare a lot during school exams. The regular Test schedule here  made me learn the whole course in the detail. It is the best coaching institute.

Manal Upadhyay Student : Std 10 GSEB Lulla Classes : Std 10 MSES Batch 07/03/2015

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Ronak Arya Std 10 GSEB

"Mr. Dev Lulla is an exceptional academician. He has a firm grasp and understanding in English and mathematics. He has a profound work experience in this arena. His leadership, public speaking and managerial skills are par excellence. He is a Beacon of hope and inspiration for lots of people out there."

Ronak Arya Student : Std 10 GSEB Lulla Classes : Std 10 MSES Batch 17/12/2017

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Rucha Trivedi Std 10 GSEB

Lulla Classes is not just an educational institute but also a 'diamond mine' from where one can find precious diamonds in the form of intelligent students, it has sculptors as teachers who had, have and always, carve students carefully. they have carved me so intricately that today I can stand in the crowd with my own personal identity which was not there few years back. Though there are no words to describe its passionate helpfulness. I have and would always describe it a 'PARADISE' for it is the only place which has given me the true joy of learning. Thank You Lulla Classes.

Rucha Trivedi Student : Std 10 GSEB Lulla Classes : Std 10 MSES Batch 17/12/2017

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Parth Langalia Std 10 CBSE

I enjoyed a lot to be a part of Lulla classes, The Rules of the Institute are conducive to learning. I was not so good in Maths and Social Science but when I joined Lulla Classes I became very confident. I could solve problem sums very quickly. I scored good marks in all subjects. This is the best classes ever. Teachers are very cooperative and helpful. Lulla Classes is the best coaching institute in India.

Parth Langalia Student : Std 10 CBSE Lulla Classes : Std 10 CBSE MSES Batch 17/12/2017